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Privacy Policy

When you access this website we may record details of your computer’s IP address – this information does not allow us to identify you as an individual
but is used for statistical purposes only.

When you send us email or lodge inquiries through the site we will ask for your name and contact details. Your personal information may be used for
the following purposes:

•        Verify your identity.
•        Provide the information you require.
•        Inform you of company news.
•        Promote and market products or services to you or seek input from you.
•        Maintain and develop our stakeholder relationship systems.

We will not disclose your personal information to people outside GlyConMedics unless such disclosure is required by law.  We will not sell your contact
details to third parties.

The information contained in this website is derived from sources believed to be true and accurate. However, the content may include errors and
changes or events may occur which cause the information to be inaccurate or out of date. For various reasons substantial delays may occur before
particular information on the website is updated. Accordingly, we do not warrant the reliability, accuracy or completeness of that information and any
reliance by you upon that information is at your sole risk.

Links from GlyConMedics to third party sites do not constitute an endorsement by GlyConMedics of the parties or their products and services.