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Product Innovation

We have invented a simple, safe and effective therapy for ameliorating the side effects associated with an established and globally used class of
anti-diabetes drugs. The use of this therapy improves glycaemic control and overall well-being in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients.  The therapy
involves an OZ101 tablet containing a proprietary oligosaccharise fraction, which regulators worldwide deem safe and suitable for human

Our innovation is based on the discovery that when patients with T2DM use sulphonylurea therapy in combination with the new OZ101 therapy the major
side effects of sulphonylurea, such as hypoglycaemia and weight gain, are significantly reduced or eliminated and management of this chronic disease
is greatly improved.

Advantage of OZ101

Current anti-diabetes drugs also have limited long-term efficacy, leading to patients being prescribed a combination of two or more different drugs until
the ultimate drug of last resort, insulin, is given. Patients are aware of the long-term health consequences if proper glycaemic control is not achieved
and thus patients have a strong desire to improve the control of their blood glucose levels. They are also aware of the finite use of current diabetes
drugs before insulin treatment is required. Therefore, treatment regimes that improve glycaemic control, eliminate the side effects or extend the efficacy
of existing drugs and improve patient well-being will represent a breakthrough.
Health Professionals
Current clinical Trials

We have initiated activities associated with the conduct of a proof-of-concept clinical trial and has received approval for the conduct of this trial in Australia
and India from a Human Research Ethics Committee. This trial will further strengthen its therapeutic claims on core discoveries concerning the synergy
between our tablet OZ101 and sulphonylurea for the treatment of T2DM.  

We have received our second grant from the
Australian Government to conduct a phase 2 clinical trial using our GMP manufactured OZ101 tablet in
patients on existing sulphonylurea anti-diabetes drugs.  

We have commissioned the world-leading clinical research organization,
George Clinical, to manage the conduct of this clinical trial. We have designed
this clinical trial protocol with the assistance of leading experts. This includes consultation with
eminent individuals, who are experts on endocrinology,
entero-endocrinology, clinical trial biostatistics, carbohydrate immunology, microbiology and drug development.  

Phase 2 Clinical Trial Protocol Design Highlights

This clinical trial has been designed to be a proof-of-concept and signal finding study on the efficacy of different doses of OZ101 as an add-on therapy to
sulfonylurea for glycaemic control in patients with T2DM.  Patients will be recruited whose diabetes has been treated with sulfonylurea monotherapy for the
past 6 months or more but who still exhibit uncontrolled fasting glucose levels (FGL) above 7 mmol/L.  The primary aim of the study will be to examine the
trajectories on fasting blood glucose, post prandial blood glucose levels and HbA1c in patients treated with OZ101 plus sulphonylurea compared to
patients treated only with sulphonylurea or patients treated with OZ101 plus sulphonylurea and metformin compared to patients treated only with
sulphonylurea and metformin.

This study will also assess OZ101 add-on effects on other diabetes markers such as body weight and safety aspects including mild and severe
hypoglycaemia. Other diabetes related markers such as pancreas function and blood insulin levels will also be assessed to shed light into the mechanism
of action of OZ101 add-on therapy to sulphonylurea. The mechanistic studies will also assess the effects of OZ101 add-on on sulphonylurea absorption
and metabolism.