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Type 2 Diabetes
A natural add-on treatment that
significantly reduces side effects of  
well-establshed sulphonylurea class
of anti-diabetes drugs and....!
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Activities associated with the conduct of a proof-of-concept clinical trial are initiated and has received approval for the conduct of this trial in Australia and
India from Human Research Ethics Committees. This trial will further strengthen its therapeutic claims on core discoveries concerning the synergy between
its tablet OZ101 and sulphonylurea for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus...
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GlyConMedics LLC is a privately-owned US pharmaceutical company founded in March 2013 and based in San Diego, CA to develop OzStar Therapeutics
technology in the USA.

The company is planning to provide a simple, natural and cost-effective solution for one of the world’s fastest growing disease. We are a clinical stage
pharmaceutical company planning to
revolutionize the treatment for Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Unlike developing “New Chemical Entities” to treat type 2
diabetes, which their long-term use my result in
major side effects, we have discovered and are developing an add-on treatment to an existing anti-
diabetes drug to abrogate its clinically significant side effects and extend its efficacy in terms of duration and strength...
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The Commonwealth Government of Australia has recognised the potential of OzStar's innovation and awarded the company two grants - a skills and
knowledge grant to conduct commercial and regulatory due diligence on its technology and a proof-of-concept grant to conduct a phase 2 clinical trial on
The Company
Most Innovative New Product Award 2016!
October 6th, 2016

Elected as a finalist at the “Most Innovative
New Product Award 2016”, administered by
CONNECT in San Diego, CA.
Semi-Finalist at the Diabetes Innovation
August 16th, 2016

Elected as a semi-finalist at the Diabetes
Innovation Challenge, administered by T1D
Exchange and M2D2, held at
the University of
Massachusetts, Boston, MA.
Patent issued in USA
26th January 2016

United States Patent and Trademark
Office granted our first patent.
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